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Welcome to the 2023-2024 School year

Top Questions for the beginning of a year 

1) Who or What is Papa Pandas? 

The Papa Pandas are a group of proud parents (mostly dads but all are welcome) dedicated to providing time, energy, effort and the support to build a stronger relationship within our Benchley-Weinberger community.  We have 3 key objectives as a group and that is (1) To be active and present for our kids and families, (2) be there to support each other personally and professionally, and (3) be there for challenges or volunteer needs that are brought to our attention. 


2) What do Papa Pandas do? 

Papa Pandas have a couple key events during the year (Movie night and 3-5th Grade Panda Prom Dance) as well as a few fun filled school participatory events for all. Check our calendar to find out when those are.  We also play the role of volunteer in conjunction with PTA and Foundation, bring the help and support for some of the schools random needs, and help with an occasional staff pet project. Not to mention we also compete with other schools from time to time in a spirited dodgeball tournament. Our monthly meetings serve as a time for us as parents to unwind, catch-up, share stories and maintain a healthy coordination for things coming up on the calendar whilst partaking in cold beverage or meal if so inclined.

3) How do I get involved or find out more

Join us every 3rd Thursday at 6:30PM to enjoy West Coast Smoke And Tap House and meet some fellow Papa Pandas and join our mailing list (QR on the right) to get the latest. We tend to send 1-2 emails a month to our group. Note:  We manage a tight – no spam list. 

4) What is the best way to ask for Papa Panda involved?

You have options. Here are a couple suggestions:
Be able to answer some basic questions 
* What are you trying to do or what do you need Papa Panda support for? 
* How many Papa Pandas do you think you need
* When do you need the support and for long?

then after a few basics are known, reach out to a papa panda you know. (Contact info page coming soon)